Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trust and Obey

Monday Reading:
     Exodus 16:23-26; Philippians 4:19
God wanted the Israelites to trust Him to supply all their needs. He wanted to give them a day of rest, but it was also important that they understand God would supply all their needs.

What does God want me to trust Him with? This week I had a scare. The doctors could not find any reason for my sudden black out other than mild dehydration. That should be enough to be thankful and move on, but there is that nagging feeling that it might happen again. Am I really putting my trust in God? Or am I depending on doctors or others to tell me why without believing God always has a plan to use me for His honor and glory.

Lord Jesus, help me rest in You that you are working all things for my good. Help me to obey in all things and believe You in all things. In Christ name. Amen.

Tuesday Reading:
     Exodus 17:7; Hebrews 13:5
When things didn't go perfectly for the Israelites, they doubted whether God was with them. Their doubts actually were a way of making God a liar and His Word of non effect.

How often do I doubt if God is with me when things don't go like I think they should? How can I doubt that the God who created the universe would fail to watch over me. He promises never to leave me  or forsake me.

Father, help me trust Your goodness and Your wisdom in all things. In Christ Jesus name. Amen.

Wednesday Reading
      Exodus 18:21; Joshua 1:7-9
Moses was suppose to choose men of courage to judge the people's causes. Men who would fear God and not be afraid to render justly without covetousness.

"Men of courage, where are you?" I can clearly hear Alex Kendrick call to the audience in the movie Courageous. Where are the people who will stand for righteousness and morality, unafraid of public opinion. Men and women of courage, God calls us now.

Father, help us to be men and women of courage, who stand for righteousness in a sin-filled world. Help us to not be afraid of what people will say or do to us, but rather fear what will be the  results if we keep quiet in such a time as this. In Jesus name. Amen

Thursday Reading
      Exodus 19:4
God reminds the people how He carried them out of Egypt with love and care and bare them on eagles' wings.

An eagle carries food and materials for her nest in her talons. The eagle carries her nestlings on her wings. It is with love she drops below and teaches them to fly, catching them on her wings. She never grips them in her talons. God bears us gently through life, allowing scary times to help us learn and grow but always ready to swoop beneath and lift us up, ever caring for us as He does for Israel.

Father, help me remember that Your plan is to help me grow, not harm me. Help me trust You as an eaglet trusts the loving wings of its mother. In Christ Jesus name. Amen.

Friday Reading
      Exodus 20:25; Titus 3:5
God wanted an alter built with unhewn stone. God made the stone and the animal that was to be offered. It was not the Israelites hard work of hewing stone that was going to impress God, but a heart of obedience.

I see a picture that our deeds do not make us righteous - only the righteousness of Jesus given in our stead. God can do all kinds of things. He doesn't need our help or our work for our salvation. He has already given His Son. His only requirement is our repentant heart for our sin that caused Jesus' death on the cross.

Father, help me remember all things were made by You and are in Your control. Help me remember my job is to obey Your word. Thank you, in Jesus name. Amen.

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