Sunday, March 22, 2015

Three Little Pigs and a Wolf

Little pig activities
As I was reading Matthew 7:15, it reminded me of the story of the Three Little Pigs. Let’s have a little fun with this story and hopefully you will get the connection.
You can print puppets for your skit from this site or create your own.
You will also need:
• a laundry basket
• a white towel or throw
• a box or chair for a stick house
• a broom for a straw house
• and something strong like a hearth for a brick house
Just have fun being creative and putting on the skit with family and friends then, discuss these questions.
How did the pig in each house know when a brother pig was at the door?
How did the pigs know when the wolf came to the door?
Why didn’t the disguise fool the pigs?
How do pigs and wolves look different, sound different, and act different?
Now look back at Matthew 7:15. Tell someone what a false prophet is. What do false prophets want to do? Check out Matthew 7:16-20. Tell someone how to recognize a false prophet.
Seems we need to be fruit inspectors. We need to know what good fruit looks like so we can recognize what is NOT good fruit. Tell someone what you look for when you choose an apple or a banana. Now tell someone what a Christian should look like and act like. That could be a long list but you get the idea. The only way to tell a true Christian is to be familiar with God’s Word. If someone tells you they are a Christian but they don’t look or act in a way that matches God’s Word, you might be wise to look and see if there is a wolf hiding under that sheep’s clothing.
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