Sunday, June 28, 2015

People Need the Lord - Loving Your Neighbor

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

I was reminded of this song as I stood in front of a window and noticed the people cutting grass, raking leaves, driving down the road. I wondered what feelings of hurt, confusion, and desperation their everyday actions were covering.  I wondered if they sought the Lord when things got too heavy. We're going through some things with aging parents and without the Lord I don't know how we could deal with it.

As I look out at our nation and the world, I see the many conflicts and changes occurring, the hurt, the anger and yes, thankfully those showing love, as well. I wonder how people deal with life without the Lord. I hear Christians calling for the Lord's return, but what about all the people; our friends, our neighbors, our family who don't know the Lord? Are we doing our job or just calling for the Lord to take us out of our misery, maybe a misery we have created? Have we loved the Lord with all our hearts so that others can't help but see the love for them in our lives? Have we loved our neighbors as ourselves or dismissed them as vile and cruel, unworthy of our attention? Could a look on the inside change our look on the outside? Is there someone, anyone, who could use kind words and a helping hand today? The world stands on our doorsteps. Have we opened the door to them or slammed it in their face because they don't speak our language, or share the same culture. How can we win them to Jesus if we denigrate them? There is only one way and that way is Jesus. Could it be we are selfishly blocking the path?

Instead of the "woe is me" attitude this week, let's try a little gratitude. Let's share that gratitude with others. Keep a sticky note of one thing every day you are thankful for and a note of one thing you could do for someone who needs the Lord. Put it on your mirror or fridge as a reminder of God's goodness to you and someone who needs to know His love for them. I'd love for you to leave a little comment on how things are going or maybe some ideas to help us all be more grateful and helpful.

Hey Kids: Let's have a heart. You will need:
                a sheet of red paper
                something to write with
Cut a large heart from the red paper. You may want to fold the paper in half and draw a cutting line.
On the front you may want to write Jesus Loves You. Then turn the paper over and write the names of people who need to hear that message.
Each day try to think of one kind thing you can do to show at least one person that you love them and so does Jesus.

Jesus didn't tell us to stand gazing (Acts 1:11). He told us to start at home(Jerusalem) and move out to the surrounding area(Judea) and then into uncomfortable areas(Samaria) and into all the world (Acts 1: 8). People need the Lord. Where are you going?


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