Sunday, August 4, 2013

Caught any tadpoles lately?

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. II Cor. 5:17

I love camping. I love to watch the lightning bugs and listen to the night sounds of crickets and frogs. Speaking of frogs, have you ever thought about the change that takes place in their lives? First the mother frog lays the eggs in the water. They look like little balls of jelly. Then they hatch into tadpoles. They have frilly gills and breathe water like a fish. Then as they begin to grow their legs begin to appear. Their tails begin to disappear. But what you can’t see is their lungs are beginning to form. There is a bigger change on the inside than on the outside. When the frog is fully developed, he can swim in the water but he can no longer live in the water. He must come up for air. He must get his food outside the water. He is a new creature, a land creature. He will never be a water creature again. His old life has passed away.

How about people? We need a change too, a change that will make us new creatures. When we first begin our lives, we are sinners. We live our lives our way. We make wrong choices. We are in need of a change. Then, when we realize that Jesus paid for our sins on the cross, we make another choice. We either choose to continue to live as we always have and die in our sins or we choose to give our lives to Jesus, repenting of our sins. Our family and friends will notice some changes in the way we live our lives but the biggest change is on the inside where no one can see but God. He doesn’t give us new lungs like the frog. He gives us a new heart, a heart that will love Him and serve Him the rest of our lives. We can never be our old selves again. We are new creatures in Christ!

Why not catch a few tadpoles this summer and place them in pond water to watch them grow and change. Be sure to take them back to a pond once they become frogs.

Also why not let us know how Jesus has made a new creature out of you. What changes have you noticed in yourself since Jesus made a change in you.
Blessing, Gail

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