Sunday, February 9, 2014

God’s Got Something Special for You

…Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his:
Daniel 2:20b

“I got something for you at home,” one of my little four year olds told me just before Valentine’s Day. Sweet child. She just couldn’t hold the surprise any longer. Her love was showing just a bit.

Many of my students really can’t afford to get something for the teacher, but they make cookies, or notes or just little things that are uniquely from them. Those are the things I cherish most because they come from the heart. I don’t need things that cost money. But I do like knowing I am appreciated. Taking time to make a little something truly shows appreciation. It also shows we have built a unique relationship.

How do I show God my appreciation? Am I plunking down my tithes in the offering plate and thinking, “Well that’s done.” or am I taking time to study His Word, to speak to others about the good things God is doing for me? Am I sacrificing my time to draw closer to the One I say I love? 

Daniel found himself in a bad situation. First he was captured and taken from his homeland. Then he was told to eat food that was not in accordance with God’s Word. The worst was not over. He had to tell the king’s dream or he and his friends would be killed. But, Daniel had prepared himself. He had sacrificed his time to study God’s Word and build a relationship with God that would see him through tough times. He stood boldly for God when he had to make hard choices about food. A choice we probably wouldn’t have given a second thought. Then, when Daniel needed God’s help in a major way, God preformed a miracle by telling Daniel exactly how to interpret the dream. Daniel seems beside himself in praise to God for all He has revealed. (Daniel 2:19-23). All Daniel’s study and sacrifice paid off. Daniel was overwhelmed.

Want to get excited about something God is doing? Get involved up to your eyeballs. Sacrifice a little time to study God’s Word. Don’t just read it. Study. Know what it means and think how it applies to you. Follow through by standing true to God’s Word when everyone else is caving in to peer pressure. Then watch for God to come through in a mighty way for you!

Won’t you let us know what great and mighty things God is doing for you?

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