Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shelter in the Rock

Gail Wofford Cartee's photo.

Hiking a moderately difficult trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway, thunder began to rumble. We knew a storm could be upon us in just a few minutes. Where would we find shelter? Too far to return to the car. Nothing to do but keep walking in hopes the storm would go around us. At the turn in the trail was a huge boulder with a large cleft underneath; the perfect shelter from a storm. We placed our backpacks on the ground for a seat in the rock. The pitter patter of rain began. A flash of lightning, another rumble louder than before. The rain began to pour and wash down the trail just outside our rock. Then as suddenly as it came upon us, the storm passed and the sun shown again. Backpacks back on, we continued the hike, thankful for our rock.
There is the Rock, our Rock who is always with us though we often don’t see how close He is. Storms always come and go in our lives. Sometimes the storm comes suddenly. But Jesus is very near. There is no need to turn back. We need to seek shelter in Him. When the storms rage, rest in Him. There is no better shelter from life’s passing storms than the Rock, Jesus Christ.
Won't you share the shelter you have received from the Rock?
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