Sunday, June 22, 2014

In The Beginning

Last week we looked at the first chapter of Genesis. I hope you enjoyed your time in God’s creation. I hope He revealed to you that the creation is so complex that it could in no way have just happened any more than a watch you found ticking on the sidewalk or a car in the parking lot could have just happened. Anything and everything has been created either by God or by man created in God’s image.

This week I’d like to dig deeper looking at the next few chapters. Using our SOAP idea of choosing one or two Scriptures from each chapter that God has impressed on your heart. Make an Observation and an Application. Then offer a Prayer concerning God’s will for you through this study. Let’s begin.

Genesis 2 – The Seventh Day – a day of rest, not made for God but made for man. A day for man to consider the “excellency of His works and God’s goodness toward him” (Geneva reference 2:3).

-          Creation of marriage. I noticed the change in wording from woman when she is created to wife as Adam declares the cleaving to his wife.

Genesis 3 – The original sin -   James 1:15 The grandkids and I were picking berries the other day and one said why do they have to have thorns?

 I replied because Adam and Eve sinned. We talked about the sin being disobedience.  She remembered the story and I think she must have done some pondering because later she said. “What about dinosaurs? Some people say Adam didn’t see the dinosaurs.” We logically reasoned that if sin caused death, when did the dinosaurs die? In a world so full of itself do we not still try to be gods, relying on our own ideas rather than on God’s Truth?

-          References to Adam and Eve as man and woman until it speaks of their relationship as husband and wife. Mark 10:6-9

Hope this helps to get you started digging deeper and seeking God. What God impresses on your heart from these chapters may not be the same thing He impressed upon me. That’s why it is so neat to share our discoveries. As we share we all grow.

Lord Jesus help us desire to know You better through Your word. Give us unity through Your word that we might be better servants of Thee. In Your name we pray. Amen.
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