Sunday, October 5, 2014

Light verses Darkness

Readings: Exodus 6:30; Phillipians 4:13
     In this chapter, God made seven promises to Moses (vs. 6-8, I will). Then in verse 30 Moses can't see how Pharaoh is going to listen to him. He thinks he's just a nobody.

     Often times God asks us to do things we can't do. Moses knew Pharaoh wouldn't listen to him, but he forgot that God was in charge. God was working out His plan by using Moses. If Moses thought he could make Pharaoh listen, then God would not have gotten the credit, the glory as we say in the church. Same with us. If God asks us to do something too hard, then He will get the glory, the credit, when His will is accomplished.
    The modern versions of Phillipians says "who strengths me". Christ does give us strength to do His will, but the KJV and Geneva say "which strengtheneth me". We gain confidence to trust Christ to work through us when we allow Him to begin to use us. Christ strengthens us, and the doing strengthens us, just as healthy food gives us strength and running or lifting weights strengthens our muscles to do more. Do what God asks even when you know you can't.

Readings: Exodus 7:12,21,22; I John 4:1
     Moses and Aaron begin to perform miracles before Pharaoh, but Pharaoh's magicians can do the same thing. Pharaoh's heart is hardened because he is deceived. Satan can seemingly work miracles. He can make his way look just as good as God's to the unsuspecting world.
     I John 4:1 tell us to try the spirits to see if they are of God because there are so many false prophets out there in the world. So how do we try the spirits? By the Word of God. We must make a habit of reading and memorizing so when we see things; movies, preachers, books, etc., we will know if it lines up with the Word or is it just one of Satan's tricks.

Readings: Exodus 8:28; Acts 4:19
     Pharaoh decided to let the people go and worship but they couldn't go very far, just a little way. Doesn't that sound like the government today? When our nation was first founded, we had freedom to worship. The founding fathers encouraged the people to read the scriptures and pray. Now they tell us we can be religious but we have to leave our religion at the door when it comes to school and work. It needs to be private worship. When the children of Israel first went to Egypt, Joseph was second only to Pharaoh and the Hebrews were given the best land for cattle. Over time they became slaves and now are told don't go too far.
     Peter and John faced hard choices as well. They were taken before the council for preaching Jesus and healing a man. They had to make the choice to continue to preach or obey the law. What choices are we making? Are we being shut down?

Readings: Exodus 9:27-28
      Pharaoh in his time of crisis calls for Moses to pray for him saying "the Lord is righteous". Yes, when things look bad or troubles come everyone calls for the preacher and the deacons. The government calls on everyone to pray. But what happens as soon as the trouble is passed? 911 is a good example of how people were called to God and to prayer but in a few weeks when the trouble settled down.....  

Readings: Exodus 10:22,23; Matthew 22:13
     The plague of darkness was upon the Egyptians. For three days they didn't move. Imagine how scary, a darkness so thick it can be felt, the cries of children who cannot be comforted from the fear of the dark. The adults feared as well. Horror, a tiny taste of outer darkness. A separation from the Light, from God. God's people were comforted in the Light.
    Jesus says when the wicked are cast into outer darkness there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
     Jesus, I thank You that You are my Light. That with You there is no separation. Thank You that there is no fear in Christ Jesus. Amen.

What things is God showing you from His Word this week? Please leave your comments that we all might grow, speaking the truth in love. (Ephesians 4:15)


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