Friday, April 3, 2015

Stay Awake!! - Prayer Needed

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Mark 14:38 NIV 

A friend reminded me that 2000 years ago, the same moon that shines down tonight, shown down on a garden called Gethsemane near Jerusalem. Twelve men, Jesus and eleven of His disciples came there after the Passover supper to pray. Jesus asked His disciples to watch and pray, that they not enter into temptation.  Jesus went a little farther, about a stone's throw away and began to pray. 

As Jesus prayed He began to sweat great drops of blood, so much that it ran down and fell on the ground. He prayed for the death sentence upon Him to be removed, but only if it were the Father's will. No one wants to die, but no doubt Jesus had seen the agony and torture of a crucifixion. Even more than the crucifixion was the burden of the punishment for our sins that was upon him. He loved the Father and He loved us. He was willing to die that death if there was no other way to save us. You see, Jesus has also seen the torture and agony in the pits of hell that lasts far longer than a crucifixion. Hell last for all eternity.  

When Jesus returned to His disciples, they were asleep. He woke them and asked again that they pray. The second time He found them asleep and woke them. The third time, He let them sleep. He knew the men and officers from the chief priests were on their way with Judas. The agony was just beginning. 

At this Easter season, have we taken time to  ponder what really happened 2000 years ago? We're busy dressing up in new outfits, cooking, fellow-shipping and hiding eggs. Have we allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep while Jesus agonizes over souls that daily are going into the pits of hell? When is the last time we have agonized over lost friends and loved ones? Jesus asks us to stay awake and pray so we don't enter into temptation, the temptation to just let life go on as normal. 
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