Sunday, June 14, 2015

Many Hands Make Light Work

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.... Ecclesiastes 9:10a 

The last of the strawberries for this season were washed and on the counter. Grandchildren lounged in the den. Hmmm, what to do? Let them lay around begging for their iPads or find a way to get them involved. "You know how to use a knife?" That perked up the ears.

"No," came an interested reply.

"Come, let me show you," I said, taking out sharp knives and a cutting board. Lucas thought he could just use a knife to hull the berries.  Lucy needed the board to press the knife without fear of cutting herself. I really didn't care because even their little hands were making the work faster and teaching them skills and work ethics they weren't going to get on the couch. They laughed and worked and went through two gallons of strawberries like a chainsaw through butter. There was a satisfaction in working together and accomplishing something that will benefit us all come winter. There was satisfaction in doing grown-up work.

Jesus sent seventy of his followers out in pairs to preach the gospel. He gave them important work to do. When they returned, there was that happy satisfied feeling that they had accomplished a great work, "Even the devils are subject unto us," they told Him. Jesus knew. Because He is God, He already knew what was accomplished.

The seventy were preparing for a time when Jesus would no longer be on earth to give them face to face instructions. My grandkids were preparing not only for next winter but to take care of their own families when I'm not there to show them how to do the work. We're never too young to learn, or too old for that matter.

Timothy was a young man that Paul was instructing. Paul knew that Timothy's mother and grandmother had instructed him the scriptures. Paul was sending Timothy out to do the work of an evangelist. I hope, like Timothy's mother and grandmother, I am also preparing my grandchildren to be followers and witnesses of our Savior. Routines and work ethics are all part of preparing to do work, even the work of a witness.

Paul wrote about the how and why of using scripture in II Timothy 3:15-17.
Why not reflect and share with us how you and your family are preparing and sharing in God's work.

Hey Kids:
Are you doing things to prepare yourself to take care of your own families one day?
What can you do?
Can you make your bed?
Can you wipe off the bathroom counter?
Can you wash your dirty dishes or load them in the dishwasher?
Can you pick up your clothes and toys?
Can you vacuum or sweep your room?
Can you help mom or dad prepare a meal?

You may be too young for some of these things. You may already be doing some of the others.
You are old enough to listen to the Bible and learn verses.
Whew!! There's a lot to being a grown up but there is joy and satisfaction in doing what the Lord asks us to do.


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