Saturday, July 25, 2015

Entangled? - Super Hero to the Rescue

Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.  Luke 15:10

Prince, our giant beagle/bloodhound was on the carport barking his head off. I peeped out the window to see if someone had pulled up in the drive. Prince was at the foot of the steps, hovered over a humming bird that had entangled itself in cobwebs from the chimney. Apparently, the bird had dropped to the floor and Prince was trying to encourage it to get up. I was really surprised Prince hadn’t picked it up in his big slobbery mouth and tossed it up like a ball. It seemed that Prince knew this was an animal in trouble.  

“Go get a broom,” I said to Alexandria, my granddaughter. I had often gotten lost humming birds to land on a broom and taken them outside. I was hoping I could scoop it up on the broom before Prince decided it was a toy. I wasn’t having any luck when Lucas, my eight-year-old grandson, reached down and gently picked the bird up in his hands. He pulled away the cobwebs as he stepped to the door of the carport. The bird flopped out of his hand and landed on the hot pavement. “Quick, pick him up. The pavement is hot!” I exclaimed. As Lucas reached for the bird again, it took off, gaining height as it flew toward the trees. Lucas, his sister, and I were so excited. Prince was still keeping a watchful eye too. We had all worked together to rescue the bird.

As I watched the humming bird fly away I thought, “we are a lot like that little bird.” You see, we get entangled in the sins of this world. When we are at our lowest and realize we can’t fix things ourselves, that’s when we allow Jesus to step in and rescue us. He saves us from our sins, wiping away our past entanglements, freeing us to live life anew. And isn’t it amazing that even the angels in heaven look down and rejoice that we are saved! I think I understand how they feel. There was a lot of rejoicing going on in my carport when that little hummingbird flew away free.

Father, help us to remember how you rescued us from sin and death. May we demonstrate that thankfulness in showing others the way of salvation. In Jesus name. Amen

Hey Kids:

Do you ever wish you could be a rescue ranger or a super hero?

There is really only One Super Hero and that is Jesus Christ, but He will use us to help others if we take the time.

We often see that super heroes keep an eye out for those in need, whether humans or animals or even plants.

This week keep an eye out for someone or something that needs help. It could be they need a drink of water or a bite to eat or maybe just someone to be their friend.

You may find an animal or bird like Lucas that needs a helping hand. Be sure you have an adult to help if you are dealing with wild animals.

You’ll be amazed at the good feeling, the rejoicing you will have just because you take the time to help out. If you do something around the house for mom or dad you’ll find they will appreciate your thoughtfulness as well.

We would like to rejoice with you. Won’t you let us know what good things are going on in your world this week.

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