Sunday, November 15, 2015

The One Less Traveled

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death. Proverbs 14:12 NKJV

I love Cades Cove and my favorite spot is the John Oliver cabin. The walk to and from the cabin is a spectacular view. Thousands, probably millions walk the trail to the cabin every year. It's incredible how quiet and respectful everyone seems to be. With so many others surrounding you, there is still that sense of peace and quiet. We've all come looking for the same thing, I suppose, peace and quiet. Out behind the cabin, other trails lead off into the woods. I don't know that I have ever ventured down any of them very far. They seem just a quieter place to sit and contemplate. But most of us are hurrying to the next point of interest and don't have the time to sit. We turn and go back among the busy crowd as quickly as we came.

A quiet place to contemplate - most people don't really want that quiet place. We don't have to think about things when our lives are busy and filled with noise. We complain, but when confronted with quiet we often turn to the TV or radio or social media. Even now, we are rushing into Christmas, almost overlooking the Thanksgiving season of quiet contemplation of the blessings of our merciful God. We gather together to eat in ten minutes the foods it has taken hours, perhaps days to prepare. Then we settle into a football game. Did we really stop and contemplate the blessings we have received or the One who daily loads us up with these benefits? 

Our title is from a poem by Robert Frost. He knew his choice of "the road" he traveled would make all the difference in his life. Our choice will make all the difference in our lives as well. Actually, it will make an eternal difference. If we allow the noisy, busy-ness of our lives to hinder us from considering the love and goodness of the God who gave His only Son for very souls, if we fail to receive the salvation He so freely offers, we miss the very point of living. The road to destruction seems like the way to go. It's wide and filled with lots of the attractions and distractions the world has to offer. It's the way everyone else is going. But the road less traveled is narrow and straight. Very few travel this road. It's a little rough and lonely, but you'll have time to talk and listen to God. Jesus says He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. For me, it's worth traveling on the road less taken. It's the road that leads to Life.

Won't you share with us the blessings God has shown to you this week in your times of quiet?

Hey Kids:
Have you stopped to notice the leaves? Is there a tree you can go sit under, draw up your knees and just soak in the beauty of creation? Maybe you could take a drawing tablet or a notebook and journal your thoughts and prayers of Thanksgiving. Hey parents: Maybe we could do the same. 

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