Sunday, January 3, 2016

Life - What's the Purpose?

Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

January is Sanctity of Life Month. We wanted to honor life in some way at our church, so the ladies decided to make these little bunny washcloths for the Mommy Store at the pregnancy crisis center in our area. We thought, brunch, devotion, begin the project, should take about an hour and a half to two hours. Well... lol.
A great time was had by all! And we will be doing this again!

I felt the most important thought was how God knows us before we are even conceived. He has a plan for us. Though we may go against that plan for years, He is always taking us into places and situations that will lead us to Him if we stop long enough to pay attention. The girls at the crisis pregnancy center have a child they did not intend, but God still has a plan for that child and that girl and the father too. Crisis pregnancy centers don't just take care of physical needs. They minister to the girl's and the boy's spiritual needs as well. The whole point is to save a life and help that family seek God's plan for them all. 

I wonder how many of us know God's plan for our own lives. We may have been a Christian for years, but don't know God's purpose for our lives. God is a trinity. He works in threes. Think about the sun. From the sun ball itself comes heat and light, three things. Many things in nature come in threes. So do families, father, mother, child. But how do we know our purpose?

Many people say pray about it. That's a start, but how do you know you are discerning the correct answer. Let's see, there's you, prayer and what would the third thing be? How about God's Word, the Bible. If the answers we think we get from God don't line up with His Word, then - wrong answer. 

Every teachable moment is multi-faceted. When a school teacher plans a lesson around just one standard she misses many standards and teachable moments. Part of the purpose of yesterday's Sanctity of Life project was mentoring our girls, in the Word and in deed.
Titus chapter 2 is a great mentoring chapter. Are you a more mature Christian? How are you mentoring younger Christians in honoring life, in knowing their purpose, in choosing God's purpose over their own will? 

Won't you share in the comment section below, ways you and your church are implementing mentoring? 


Hey Kids:

Have you ever taught someone younger than you how to play a game or build with legos? 
Never think you are too young to teach or too old to learn. 
Is mom trying to teach you to cook?
Is dad trying to teach you to build? 
Have you asked them to show you? 
God wants us to ask Him to show us the special purpose He has for each of us. If you will ask and then study His word, you'll find the answer. 
Mom reads the recipes and Dad looks at blueprints. Mom and Dad are our pictures of the way God's purposes work. 


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