Sunday, January 10, 2016

Marriage - What's the Secret of Success?

And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from the man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. Genesis 1:22

My mother always told me never date anyone you wouldn’t want to marry. I wondered if she thought she had married the wrong man or had she made a good choice? When Rick and I were dating, my brother told me I shouldn’t date him because he wasn’t a Christian. I told my brother to mind his own business. In a way we were both right.

Rick wanted to date a Christian girl. He liked the idea that my dad was a deacon and we were regular church goers. He wasn’t that big on going to church but he wanted me to go. I should have seen that with the right witness, he was ripe for the gospel. But, I was allowing him to pull me away from God and the church. I wanted to go where he went and do “fun things”. I was drifting from God when I should have been drawing both of us closer.

God brought Adam and Eve together but Eve allowed Satan to deceive her. Adam allowed Eve to pull him away from the Lord. They both were in a lot of trouble. (Genesis 3:6)

Jesus, the Creator of the world, already had a plan for the time we would turn to our own way. He and the Father had already agreed before the foundation of the world for Jesus to come and be the sacrifice for our sin. (Revelation 13:8) The time was not right yet for Jesus to come. Adam and Eve needed a picture of God’s plan of salvation. The Lord God sacrificed an animal and made clothes for them with the skins. (Genesis 3:21) I wonder if the Lord God washed the blood off the skins. I think maybe He let the blood remain so Adam and Eve would get the full picture that we have to have the Blood to cover our sin. If either Adam or Eve had rejected the sacrifice and the clothing, their marriage would have been torn apart. They needed to be one in their spirit and in their service to the Lord God and their family.

My grandmother met a lost man at church. He pursued her, but she would not consent to marry until he became a Christian. They entered into marriage truly one, serving God together all the days of their lives. He was 62 when he passed. She was 102. Even on her deathbed, she refused to allow anyone to remove the rings he had given her so long ago.

Blessings for a Spirit-filled marriage,

Hey Kids:
Adam and Eve needed a picture of the sacrifice for salvation. We all understand better with pictures. 

Jesus gave us pictures of Himself in His creation. (Romans 1:20)
They are kind of like the hidden picture games.
What pictures can you find in creation? Maybe you could make a drawing to share with us.
Just take a picture of your drawing and upload it to our comments section.

Need a hint as to what to look for?
The sun is a perfect example. 
Sun ball in the sky (Father)
Light all around (Jesus, the Son)
Warmth from the sun we feel but cannot see (the Holy Spirit)

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