Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Rock


and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18b

I found a new favorite children's book, If You Find a Rock , by Peggy Christian. It evokes so many memories of playing with our kids and grandkids, just finding rocks. 

Rocks you skip across lakes and streams. 

Rocks you climb.

Rocks you view life from.

Rocks you rest on.

A place to rest after a long day's hike or rest because it's sunny and warm, or rest just because it looks like a neat place to sit. 

All throughout the Bible the rock, or this rock depicts a picture of Jesus. No one wonder people, especially children are attracted to rocks. 

The Bible depicts Jesus as a place of rest, a firm foundation, the supplier of the water of life, the Rock of our Salvation and so much more. 

Rocks are one of the greatest gifts of creation to children. Maybe just to remind us and them of the Greatest Gift, Jesus Christ the Savior. 

Hey Kids:
What do you like to do with a rock? 

Do you stick it in your pocket?
      It may become your memory rock.

Do you skip it across the water? 
      How many circles does it make and how far does it reach?

Have you made a standing pile of rocks? 
      It may help you find your way or help you remember this specific spot when you return.

Does it look like an animal?
      Paint it up and use it for a paperweight or a gift.

Whenever you find a rock, whatever you do with a rock,  make it special.
Make it a memory of the Rock of your Salvation.
Use it to share Jesus with others.
      Tell the memory of your salvation.
       Know each time you share your salvation experience it reaches out to others, eventually reaching around the globe. 
      When you feel confused, know Jesus will show you the way.
      Like a paperweight, Jesus helps you keep life together. 

Look for the Rock!

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