Sunday, October 30, 2016

Winning the Race

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:   
II Timothy 4:7

Last week on our trip to see the leaves we went to the Pumpkin Festival in Franklin, NC. Children and adults brought pumpkins of all sizes and shapes to run a course set up down a looooonnngg hill. Folks lined the streets to see whose pumpkin would win the race. 

Never having seen a pumpkin race before, our guess was the largest pumpkins would go the farthest because the weight would carry them farther. 

It was amazing to see how the pumpkins went to one side or the other. Some jumped ditches and platforms only to get back on course and keep rolling. Others crashed and splattered almost before they got started. And who won? The very smallest ones, who could keep on or get back on the narrow mid-section of the road. 

We all laughed and cheered as literally hundreds of pumpkins rolled down a hill. In the middle of all the fun, it occurred to me how we are so much like the pumpkins. We start out running well for the Lord. We go to church and add in Sunday School. The kids want to go to their activities on Wednesday night. We start a daily devotion time with the family, and a personal Bible Study. We're doing pretty good. Then something knocks us off track. It can be anything, a work-shift change, sickness, even vacation and we all tend to jump the track. Often times we get back on course in a few days or weeks as things settle down. Then sometimes we veer way off, only to find ourselves bogged down in a ditch.

The ditches are full of Christians who have gone off course. Some will return, others will never be back in the race. I remember a little song we used to sing as kids, "Oh be careful little feet where you go..." You probably sang it too. 

Stay the course, finish well,

I know the text needs to wrap around the videos, but this lady just hasn't quite got all that yet, so bear with me please. 

Hey Kids:

This season has lots of pumpkins and apples to enjoy.
What activities are you planning? 
Can you use these activities to share God's love and plan with others?

Here are a few ideas that might get your creative juices flowing.
Carve a pumpkin - Think of how the yucky stuff has to come out before the light can go in to shine through a face that you chose. You have  to choose to let Jesus change your life, forgiving and removing your sins and letting His light shine through the new you. 
Can you think of some ways to witness through apple bobbing?  or making candy apples?
Are there pumpkin cookies or apple pies in your future? 
Give some thought as to how the fruits have to change to make them enjoyable.
How has Jesus changed your life to make it purposeful and enjoyable?
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